Active protection of*:

Payment cards
Identification cards
Access card
New ID cards
*at 13.56 MHz

Size: 85,60 mm x 53,98 mm
Thickness: 0,810 mm
Material: PVC


RFID BlockerChip is based on an innovative, low-power chip, designed and developed by Polish engineers. Using energy harvesting to power itself, it generates active disruption sequence, effectively blocking access to all cards within its range.


RFID BlockerChip operates in a wide range of NFC field levels,spanning from extraordinarily low to extremely high, enabling protection at various physical distances and arrangements with the reader and other cards.


Construction of the card is based on dedicated integrated circuit (size: 0,9mm x 0,7mm x 0,1mm), projected by Polish engineers, which is powered with EM field magnetic induction with 13,56 MHz frequency. The circuit generates an interfering sequence, which makes it impossible to establish communication between reader and cards that are in range of RFID BlockerChip. The card is completely passive: it doesn’t require any battery supply.

Dimensions: 0,810mm
Thickness: 85,60mm x 53,98mm
Material: PVC


B2B offer:

We have a special offer for business clients with the possibility of full printing on RFID BlockerChip.
For more details, please contact us.