The growing requirements in terms of knowledge and experience of personnel responsible for information security and the growing demand for security services pose major challenges to organizations in this area.
Outsourcing security functions involves entrusting certain tasks to external consultants who can perform these activities faster, cheaper and more effectively. Outsourcing security functions allows you to use the most optimal solutions.

The most important advantages of using outsourcing are:
• significant reduction and control of expenses,
• the ability to use the highest quality services and resources that were not available before,
• the ability to direct your own staff and resources to other tasks,
• professional preparation for audits,
• representing the organization towards external entities.

Our experts can perform or support the following roles:

An internal auditor who will assess selected areas of the company, indicate potential risks and advise how to improve management processes in the company.
• Security systems auditor who will assess information security management processes, compliance with security policy, Personal Data Protection Act, etc. and assess business continuity plans and emergency plans; can also perform a specialized security audit.
• Information security expert who will organize security and business continuity management processes, help in meeting the requirements of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and Classified Information and prepare for the GIODO audit; will manage current matters in the field of information security management.
• Representative of the Information Security Management System, who will be responsible for maintaining and improving the management system and proper preparation for external audits. By assuming the duties of the Representative for the management system, our consultants are fully responsible for the correct functioning of the management system in the client's organization, including the results of external audits.