Camera cover

Manual safety system as perfect gadget for company’s promotion

An item that draws your consumers attention to your engagement for security in every aspect.

The thinnest- 1mm

Its thickness is only 1mm, which can guarantee that you will shut down every laptop without any problems. It’s also perfect for tablets.

The biggest print area

42 x 14 mm with opening cover, 38 x 13 mm with sliding one


It’s the only one on the market with possibility of printing on both sides.

Save for the equipment

It doesn’t scratch your electronics like some of the sliding covers.

Available in various colours

Available in 5 basic colours: white, black, blue, red and transparent. Your individual colour is available from 10 000 pcs.

High quality- produced in EU

Produced from the highest quality polypropylene, perfect for precise printing.

Low price

A perfect gadget for mass distribution. High quality product with low price.

Security and education

Creating positive picture of your company. Educates and takes care of safety.


Strategic placement on the laptop or tablet guarantees logo exposure for about 8-12 hours a day.


Perfectly completes every campaign. Adapted for every distribution channel, weights only 2,6 grams.

Perfect form for a gift

It’s perfect for market needs.


The cover is the only advertising product that connects advertisement with security.