We are creating a team of people who gained their experience through years by working in national institutions. We are instructors by choice and out of passion, which we want to share with our clients.

Whereas there is a high demand for courses in field of operational activities, which were reserved for uniformed and special services, we are making an offer, which we can adjust to the actual needs of private people and companies.

In our offer You can find courses in the field of advanced invigilation techniques as well as anti-observation, counteracting and detecting the spy devices. Earned knowledge can help You in functioning in world full of intrigues, envy, lies and economic crimes.
Due to sensitive topics, we invite you to contact our company directly for personalisation of our offer.

Z uwagi na bardzo wrażliwą materię w celu przygotowania spersonalizowanej oferty zapraszamy  do bezpośredniego kontaktu z nasza firmą.

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